Beginner's Guide to Dildos-Everything you need to know about Dildos

Beginner's Guide to Dildos-Everything you need to know about Dildos

What is a dildo?

A dildo is a penis-shaped sex toy designed to stimulate your inner erogenous zones, including the G-spot and P-spot. Dildos can be used vaginally, anally and - if they vibrate - can also be used externally, depending on the type of dildo you buy.

A dildo is a toy designed for penetration. They are one of the most versatile toys you can own - they can be used alone, with a partner, hand-held, with a harness, vaginal or anus.

Choosing the best dildo can be an intimidating journey for some people. If you've ever walked into a sex store and seen rows and rows of penis-shaped, blood vessel-shaped dildos, when you think "dildo" you probably immediately think of the overwhelming image of silicone penises -- but in reality There are many more varieties. In fact, many dildos are not penis-shaped at all. Some are smooth and smooth, like a vibrator (without vibration), some are textured with bumps and grooves, and many can bend.

Now you can find dildos that can be inflated, deflated, glow-in-the-dark, attached to the shower wall… the list is endless and the options are huge. They are still one of the most popular sex toys out there.

When you want immediate gratification, you should reach for the dildo. The perfect complement to solo and couple play, dildos are versatile sex toys. In this guide, we'll cover what they are, why you should use a dildo, and the different types of dildos.

Beginner Tips for Using a Dildo for the First Time

So you've bought your first dildo from LoveToysClub, now what? For some, using a dildo for the first time might feel a little daunting, but don't worry, we're here to talk to you.

Bigger is not always better

One of the first and most important considerations when choosing your dildo is size, and while the "big is best" cliché still abounds, it's an adage that doesn't apply to sex toys. "There's a real cultural narrative about the penis, and I think it's carried over, and I don't think it's true,"

Instead, start with modest desires and turn your attention to the balance between girth and length. "We talk about length a lot, but really, if you're talking about someone with a vagina, the G-spot is just a few inches inside, you don't really need something 10 or 12 inches long to get to it. A lot of people start To say circumference is more important than length, but I would say it is not universal.

Using a dildo can take some getting used to, especially if you're not dabbling in too much penetration. That's why we recommend starting on the smaller side to make insertion a little easier. Dildos can range in size from as small as 4 inches to as large as 18 inches. That's why it's important to pay attention to the dimensions on the product page before buying a new dildo. If you're still not sure what to use, use your trusty ruler to visualize.

If this is uncomfortable, you don't have to insert the whole toy! When using a dildo by hand, if you want to insert a limited portion of its full length, simply hold it on the shaft near the base.


Can a dildo make you orgasm?

It depends on how you use them. If you're looking for clitoral stimulation, a dildo probably won't help, as it usually doesn't provide more clitoral stimulation than a penis. If you're a vulva owner and want to rub your clitoris or use a vibrator while using a dildo, go for it. If you have a vibrating dildo, you might be able to grind it at the angle where you touch your G-spot and clitoris. In the world of sex toys, anything is possible.

You can also use a dildo for anal orgasm. If you're a cisgender woman, anal dildo can help you orgasm by indirectly stimulating the A-spot of your vagina. If you are cisgender, you may be able to orgasm with prostate stimulation. It really depends on the shape and characteristics of the dildo. You may also need to play with the area of skin between the testicles and anus.


What's the best material for a dildo?

Metal, glass, silicone, wood, ceramic… the choice of material not only affects the experience you have but it can pose some serious safety issues.

PVC and latex and TPE/TPR are not going to leak toxic materials into you but they're porous, which means they will harbour bacteria, you can never get them 100% clean and so they're best avoided or used with a condom.

One hundred per cent pure silicone is the best way to go. It's completely body safe, it's non porous, it's easy to sterilise and it lasts forever. If people want to experiment with other sensations, other options are borosilicate glass, stainless steel, wood and, if it's properly treated, glazed and sealed, hard ABS plastic, which is cheaper.


How to insert a dildo

1. Lubrication

We've said it before, but seriously, use lube. Start by covering the tip of the dildo with your favorite lube, spread it along the shaft by hand, don't be shy, you'll never have too much.

2. Take it slow

Start slowly and take some time to get used to the dildo around your genitals.

If you plan to use it in the vagina, try some external stimulation before insertion by rubbing the dildo along the labia and gently against the clitoris. This "warms you up," so to speak, as the G-spot is stimulated with a dildo inside you.

The same goes for anal play. Slow stimulation around the anus, buttocks, and perineum will help prepare the anus for penetration and pleasure. Make sure your dildo has a tapered end, you've used the bathroom beforehand, and avoid using your sex toy in any other area once it's inserted into the anus.

3. See what fun you can find

When you're ready, spread your labia or buttocks with your spare hand (or ask if your partner is nearby) and slowly insert the dildo into your vagina or anus. If you just want to plug in a few inches at a time and move on, it's your game time, so do what works for you. For an explosive effect, use an angled thrusting motion to stimulate the G-spot on the anterior wall of the vagina, or the P-spot on the anterior wall of the anus in prostate patients.

How to masturbate with a dildo

Whether you're riding solo or having some mutual masturbation with a partner in crime, a dildo can make your sesh even hotter. The best part about masturbation is that you have complete control over your pleasure, so you can explore different techniques and positions to your liking.

Try inserting the dildo into your body slowly, then speed up or experiment with how far you go each time to see what mood you are in. If you're multitasking, one hand can be responsible for penetration with a dildo and the other can stimulate your other erogenous zones. Put a vibrator in the mix and you'll laugh.


Types of Dildos

Realistic Dildos

Want to have a dick inside you without having to burden yourself with a real guy? Realistic dildos are the type of dildo for you. They look and feel like the real thing. Plus, they come in various shapes and sizes. They’re typically made of silicone, and for the right price, they can even be modeled after your favorite porn star’s cock. The only downside is when you leave this one laying around, you won’t be able to lie to your mom or your friend that it’s anything other than a dildo.

Realistic Dildos

Not just a pretty appendage to make it look realistic, there is a purpose to this form of sex toy styling. When inserted all the way, the balls make contact the thighs with a similar slapping motion you'll experience when fully engaged in hot passionate hard-thrusting love with a man. If this sensation piques your interest, we suggest shopping for a shorter shaft to ensure it can insert it all the way - remember the vagina is only so deep!

Realistic dildos are incredibly popular because they look like the real thing and, more importantly, they feel like the real thing too. Available in all different sizes and shapes (just like real penises), realistic dildos are good for beginners as they’re easy to handle, easy to use, and are shaped to fit perfectly.

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos aren’t just functional. They could be considered pieces of art too. From flowers to moons, they could look anything but dildos. Aside from this, you can give your partner different sensations by heating or cooling it with ice. Either way, you’re taking sex to a whole new level with this type of dildo.


Glass dildo

The firm material is wonderful for G-spot or prostate stimulation and the smooth glass makes insertion easy and comfortable. Glass dildos are also easy to keep hygienically clean, so they're brilliant for anal use too.

Glass sex toys have unique textures such as ripples & bumps that add a pleasant touch to your solo sex. Couples enjoy using them together because it looks highly erotic when her partner watches with a first person perspective as it penetrates her vagina.

Double Dildos

Double dildos come in 2 styles: The double headed dildo have a penis head on each end, and the double penetration dildo which is a U shaped type of dildo designed for DP. Although you can bend the regular double header into a U shape, we find that the ones that are naturally molded that way are easier to penetrate into the vagina and anus at the same time.

The extra long shaft of the straight double ender is a kinky delight to play with, the added length is easy to grasp so even if you never intend to use both heads at the same time, don't discredit this unique type because you'll find it easy to maneuver, and it will surely add a kinky air to your sex play. If you want a touch of naughtiness in the bedroom, the double ended is an excellent choice.

Double enders can easily be enjoyed by two people or just one person who loves a little extra length from their sex toys.

Anal dildos

Anal dildos actually live in the Anal Sex Toys section. They're specifically designed for anal use and there are some important differences between them and a standard dildo.

Anal dildos

Anal dildos are often slimmer in girth and are designed to stimulate all those wonderful nerve-endings - especially when it comes to targeting a man's prostate gland. Often, anal dildos will have a flared base for added safety.

Squirting Dildos

Dildos that cum offer a brand new style of interactive erotic play. Squirting dildos have a narrow hollow center with an opening on the tip of the penis head. A reservoir contains fluid (you can use water or cum lube) and when you squeeze or press the plunger, it squirts!

Squirting Dildos

Some ejaculating dildos are completely self contained, the reservoir is located in the testicles. Others have a bulb that attaches to the base of the cock, or it can have rubber tubing that attaches to a separate plunger or syringe style applicator.

Formulas and recipes to make your own cum for ejaculating dildos abound throughout the internet and some people like to use egg whiles as the ejaculate, but we advise against that because the tubing & reservoir can be difficult to sterilize, so bacteria growth can be a problem. The natural balance of bacteria in the vagina can easily be disrupted by introducing common kitchen ingredients resulting in a yeast infection. We suggest using lubricant or water only.

Suction Cup Dildos

When you’re in for some solo play, dildos with suction cups are the one for you. They come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors. You can fuck yourself in the shower or on the floor or wherever you want. So, you might never need a real dick with this type of dildos. On the right surface, these dildos will stay in place until you’re done playing with them. This means you can try a lot of different positions before you get tired of playing with yourself.

Suction Cup Dildos

A feature so popular that at almost every single new release has one, suction cup dildos are awesome because not only can they be used in a shower, bathtub or strap on harness, but the large suction cup is an excellent ramming device. Press it on the palm of your hand and thrust away! We love it's kinky properties and they're ideal for couples who enjoy a good adventure in the bedroom.

Tentacle dildo

A tentacle dildo isn’t merely the phallus of an imaginary fantastic creature from your fantasies, it’s more than that. It’s a way of living. It’s a life’s belief. And not just a phallus, due to the shape of a tentacle dildo, it can act as the hands, the tongue, or any one of the appendages of your favorite fantasy character!

Tentacle dildo

And what even counts as penetration, only intercourse with a human male? Pshaw. Gone are the days when we needed men to satisfy us sexually. New inventions, like very much the tentacle dildo, have empowered us. More than that, because a tentacle dildo has nubs, like suckers, all over the surface, it feels better than the human penis. You get such sensations you think you were actually in some fantasy yourself. The texture of a tentacle dildo can stimulate you, massage you, and this dildo can even be used to play with your erogenous zones, like the nipples or the butt cheeks, not excluding the penis head or the vulva.

Dragon moster dildo

A dragon dildo is an out-of-this-world fantasy dildo that doesn’t resemble human genitalia. if you just look at the illustrations you’d be in awe. I know I was. And a dragon dildo comes in different sizes and shapes! There are spikes, textures, and colors – red, purple, green, blue – which are made from safe and tested materials. These dildos also range from intermediate, to advance to experimental users.

Dragon moster dildo

Using a dildo of this kind has its own quirks. You and I both know these pieces of quality work will not be appreciated by everyone. Unique dildos need unique tastes. Use this image to create a persona for your monster dildo. When you use your monster dildo you should know who this monster is. Create stories in your head about why he’s here and most importantly, why you’ve chosen this monster to be with you.

Animal dildo

They're perfect if you have furry fetishes, but even if you don't, their unique feelings and sensations are amazing.

Most horse dildos are big, and only veterans will be able to submerge these beasts, but the reward is worth it, it feels amazing!!

horse dildos

Knotted Dog Dildos, These are very anatomically correct and have a large bulbus glandis 'knot' towards the base of the dildo.

Knotted Dog Dildos

These knots are not testicles. When an actual wolf has sex this 'bulb' or knot fills up with blood once the penis is inserted inside the female. After it is fully engorged it works as a tie that keeps the wolf's penis from falling out.

Elephant Nose Penis


What is the best way to clean a dildo?

This depends on the types of dildos that you’re using. If you’re using a dildo that isn’t vibrating, it’s most likely waterproof. And if it’s waterproof, you can wash the toy in running water and mild soap. Now, certain materials prohibit the use of mild soap so make sure to check the cleaning instructions on the packaging before cleaning it.

What’s your decision?

With so many types of dildos to choose from, the decision can be tough to make. So it will all depend on what you need it for and your preferences. Just remember to take it slow and ease your way into this dildo business. Just because they don’t pulsate like their cousin, the vibrator, doesn’t mean they’re boring. Dildos are fun because you get to decide how hard or how fast you want to take it. Dildos provide a do-it-yourself kind of experience, and it’s customizable by you and only you!

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